TomWare, an italian company operating in the ICT sector for over 20 years; it deals with design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure system.


We work with medium and large retail chains, willing to increase their turnover also thanks to use of new technologies, such as Digital Signage.


Digital Signage allows the management and the distribution of multimedia content, such as advertising and promotions, through remote displays. It allows to start new marketing campaigns a nd cross-sell marketing practice thanks to an easy-to-use software. This solution is mainly used in supermarkets and pharmacies, and here in Italy it has met with success in some big retail’s chains of the area.

The main advantages of the system are:


Immediate increase of sales because a monitor has more impact on people than a simple leaflet with images and sound to draw attention on the screen;


The system created adds value for the suppliers due to the possibility to provide information about their products and at the sa me time, it provides an added value to the retail cha in allowing promotions of the private labels and the brand itself.


No investments required because the suppliers, willing to promote their products, will make an investments in the platform.


Increase communication and information to customers, so to increase his experience during his shopping time and its fidelity in your brand and you will be also able to attract new clients through promotion by screens;

Full services including content creation, monitoring and maintenance of the in frastructure.



All of our clients managed to i ncrease their sales through the renting of the platform to their suppliers, willing to promote their products, without any big initial costs.

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