TomWare is a company involved in the planning, realization and maintenance of network infrastructures and IT systems, supporting the customer in the selection of the more functional technological solutions that better integrate the existing infrastructure.

TomWare has the main headquarter in Ravenna and it is active in the whole italian landscape. Other headquarters are present in Bergamo, Milan and Rome.

The company is focused on the realization and management of IT infrastructures of companies from medium to large size, paying particular attention to: Networking, Security, Server Virtualization & Consolidation, Storage & Backup Management.The technical activities refer to three different business fields:

IT Infrastructures Design

Software Developement & Internet Services

IT Systems Maintenance

The company type is the consortium, to which refer different specialized companies: Twx markets hardware and sofware, Sta provides infrastructural maintenance services, Neta takes care of software developement and internet services, Innetec deals with printing solutions, Complanet deals with Machine-to-Machine Communication and other smaller size partners.

The aggregate sales volume in the Information Technology field reached 15.000.000 € in 2015

Servizi Ravenna is a connected company, active in the IT field but well diversified in other business fields, in Italy and abroad.

Other connected companies generated in 2015, in Italy and abroad, a totale sales volume of 8.500.000 € , with a global aggregate of the whole group of 23.500.000 € and a forecast of exceeding 25.000.000 € in 2016 and 30.000.000 € in 2017.