IBM Lotus Domino

Lotus Notes
TomWare works with Lotus Notes since the coming out of the 4.0 version. Since then we have kept on updating our knowledge about the product, following with the highest interest its evolution in the different versions, both in structural terms and development environment.
We install and configure server Domino networks of every size and complexity, taking care at a later stage also of the systems assistance and administration. When needed, we design the integration with the preexisting management information system.
We take care of the application development in Domino environment upon all languages for Notes client and for the web. We can implement: web systems intra/internet with reserved access, the customized development over previous analysis, the integration with systems based on relational databases.
Our development projects cover typical areas like workflow, document management system (or content management system), data collection and analysis, the sales force automation.
Lotus Managed Services

Services pack that Tomware offers to his customers that entrust themselves to IBM Lotus Domino collaboration platform.

In more than 15 years, Tomware gained high level experience in the planning and management of Domino-based infrastructures, in the systems implementation, in the development and migration from other environments. Tomware acquired a complete vision of the environment realizing over it many applications and customized solutions. Thanks to this proved experience, we defined a set of professional services. It consists of integrated solutions for the management of: enterprise messaging and collaboration, flow of information, contents and documentation. These implementations allow the companies to deeply exploit the features of the platform, maximizing the return on investment without the need to own the systems administration competences or the knowledge of the development environment.

It’s aimed to the implementation of a system of security-rich instant messaging. Provided with redundant structures (clustering and load’s tradeoff) and well integrated with business standards and coherent with internet standards, it allows to increase productivity and realize enhanced business results.

It’s aimed to the implementation of a system of automated management of information flow that uses and optimizes the current business standards for the management of documentation usually subordinated to approval cycles, accessible from the internal network or from the Internet, based upon the security typical of Lotus Domino

It’s aimed to the implementation of a system for the management of the documentation and internal knowledge, based upon the ease of data retrieval on the network thanks to easy-to-use research methods, accessible from the internal network and from internet, based upon the experience of Lotus Domino.

Lotus Messaging And Collaboration

Enterprise communication through the IBM-Lotus tools

Lotus Domino platform allows the implementation of collaboration services among people that go beyond the simple email function

  • Mobile Messaging – Lotus Traveler
  • Simultaneous Collaboration – Sametime
  • Network content management – Lotus Quickr

Thanks to these tools we can improve the level of enterprise communication and facilitate the collaboration among people working at a common project.

Traveler is a Domino’s extension that allows all the mobile devices available in the market (smartphone Android, Windows, Nokia, Iphone/Ipad) the use of e-mail services, agenda and diary.

Sametime is a powerful tool for the management of realtime communications, starting from enterprise messaging functions, online meeting management, collaboration tools (desktop and board sharing), till the integrated management of VOIP telephony.

Quickr manages virtual spaces that are suitable for creating spaces of collaboration and resources sharing for enterprise team. It is integrated with many software for the contents’ creation and it allows the virtualization of the spaces, making them available from the web.

Brochure Lotus Domino

Il Sistema di Gestione per la Sicurezza delle Informazioni dell’Organizzazione: TOMWARE S.c.a r.l. è conforme alla norma UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2017 e UNI CEI ISO/IEC 9001:2015 per i seguenti prodotti/servizi:

  • Servizi di monitoraggio, controllo e di gestione operativa di infrastrutture ICT.

  • Servizi di help desk finalizzati al supporto nella gestione operativa di infrastruttura ICT.