The security management is a main field of activities. The demand for security grows due to the outwards opening of systems, the increase of the users and the growing integration between different business environments and applications. The safe and reserved access to shared information, the certainty of their availability, the access speed and efficiency, require a continuous technological update that should be carried out just by a reliable and experienced partner.

Identity & Password Management

The centralized management of network’s accounts through the use of tools able to strengthen the access credentials, allows to increase the security level in terms of data access on the company network.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Foresee the incident represents the first step toward the service continuity. The planning of a complex technological infrastructure cannot regardless of the cost linked to a down of the system.

Clustering / Balancing / High Availability

The high request of resource availability and shared enterprise services, requires a considerable technological trust in order to grant continuity. TomWare offers a strong experience in order to support the customer in the definition of the right compromise between redundancy and infrastructures cost.

Antivirus / Antispam

Virus and Spam attacks represent the most insidious threats for the modern networks. Centrally managed antivirus solutions allow to automate essential functions for the customer with the most efficiency. The implementation of filtering tools on a server level, both managed and provided with self-learning tools, allows to control and minimize the phenomenon.

Firewall & VPN

An efficient filter between the enterprise network and the outside environment. The VPN technique enables the secure communication on the network between far users or far headquarters through the internet.

Vulnerability Assessment & Intrusion Detection

Monitoring and identification functions enable to detect intrusion attempts and potential attacks on network devices. The service can be provided in real time or remotely.